So I’ve taken the B.O.B. out a time or two before—picked up a new printer, got a big ol’ load of groceries—but today I put it to another test and B.O.B. performed quite well.

Today I hauled a piece of furniture to my girlfriend’s theatre, just a small end table, it didn’t fit in the B.O.B. at all, but sat rather nicely on the top, lashed down with the bungee cable and some thin line. Here’s the bike at Seattle’s I-5 Collonade MT Bike park:


There was little bombing down Capitol Hill, the route I took was the smoothest I could choose. It was rather slow going though, as to not rattle the nails and tacks out of this prop-to-be. There was no standing for climbing hills either, too heavy of a load to keep it stable, and there was absolutely no hands-free riding—I managed to not wreck out while attempting this, but the handlebars just wobbled uncontrollably everytime. And you in the silver Volkswagen, 618-SUY, did you feel righteous for not allowing me to pass you on the Fremont bridge? Blocking me with your stupid car. Try it again prick, you’re lucky I was in a good mood, don’t forget about karma.

I have to thank B.O.B. for putting me in this good mood. The trailer is a really awesome device to add to your bike, and while this is the only one I’ve ever used, the way it tracks behind your bike and easily handles dropping off of curbs and down hills, there is little worry about losing your load. I did not attempt any curb drops while carrying the wood end table, maybe next time I will with this other piece of furniture that needs to get to Ballard…

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