So we’re back in Seattle

Dustin and I arrived back home around 7am.

I’m having a hard a time remembering what day we left Ichikawa. But Dustin and I took the yellow line to Shibuya. We met up with friends and did some riding through Tokyo. We were hanging out at a bmx shop called WBase where we met Rip. This guy is a legend and the smoothest ambassador. Major props for taking us out to Kalavinka. Huge thanks for giving me directions to Shinjuku for my helmet. Word.
After that it gets blurry. The Mash video was set to premier on Sunday at the BFF and the weekend was filled with interviews for the guys. As a member of the press and friends with the riders I rode and had a great time. We did some random shopping and sightseeing which is insane. Shibuya is way too much to handle for me, but it’s also fairly easy to get away from the noise. Easily enough you can be in a small soba shop in an alley.

Then there was the Mash video. Wow. You’ve probably seen skate and bmx videos. You may be familiar with Gabe Morford’s work. Basically this is the first video devoted street track bike riding. This is the first and most certainly not the last. The video was amazing. The crowd was so stoked on it.

After the premier Dustin and I had to get back to Ichikawa. We met our friends at the pancake house(not those kind) and had a heartwarming farewell dinner. Our friends in Ichikawa are so generous and loving. They truly love their friends and treat them as family. It’s a great feeling having family on the other side of the world.

Misia and I are going to be in Japan again next Spring. I’m counting down the days already. Expect a trip journal in the next issue. And you should also expect something special next year revolving around Japan.

Watashi wa Ichikawa wamagushi des!

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