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Q: What’s the fastest way from A to B?

A: The freeway.

Well the heavens were nice to us through almost the whole race. But when the sky unleashed its fury, it did so with some serious anger. Hail and lightning greeted us as we rolled from Beacon Hill en route to West Seattle.

Rob threw another great race. 12 checkpoints, finish as many as you can in 2 hours.

Scotty winner of the Black Line Time Trial in Portland last week, won a round trip ticket on Amtrak to come up for RWOAC2. I did my best to navigate for him another Portlander. (Dude I forgot your name again, sorry). While everyone seemed to dart towards West Seattle, we went north 1st; China Town, Counter Balance, HWY 99, Eastlake, The Summit, Lake Washington Blvd, Beacon Hill, white knuckles on the freeway, West Seattle and back to Sodo. A train that was forever long was in my way 2 blocks from the finish. I got to hop my 1st train last night, I went north a whole five feet.

The finish was at Hooverville. That’s a damn nice place, check it out.

Scotty took 1st again. He walked away with a nice ReLoad bag.

Thanks again to Rob for throwing the race and to all of his sponsors for throwing down some sweet prizes. My Cadence hoddie and POW gloves kept me plenty warm on the ride home.

Flyer here.


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