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It`s Friday in Japan!

Yesterday Dustin and I took a nice ride north. We crossed two rivers which took us into Tokyo, although it was just the outskirts of the prefecture. Our friends live in Ichikawa which is in the Chiba prefecture. We stopped at a 7-11, got some snacks, and then sat in a park and ate. Every thirty seconds your eyes are caught by something crazy. It`s amazing, but also a bit tiring.

We`ve been doing some thrift store shopping, and I`ve been pretty successful. A jacket and a sweater for 350 yen! Which is about three dollars roughly.

We hung out at the shop for the rest of the afternoon and many friends stopped by. Our friend Shinya from Nagoya is opening a new shop called Circles and he bought a bunch of mags from me and a good portion of Dustin`s new line.

After the shop closed we rode to the market where Seiya picked up fixings for an amazing dinner. Nobu is a pot on a burner filled with all sorts of ingredients. It`s a soup base that can hold just about anything. We had oysters, fish, sausage, mushrooms, onions, tofu, seaweed, and after everything was gone we added ramen. Add a little organic sake and you`ve got one satisfying meal.

Shortly after we fell asleep. And now it`s morning. We`re going to Shibuya today(think Lost in Translation) where we`re going to meet up with friends from SF.



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  1. Richard says:

    I met Seiya when in Japan back in March. I was with friends and without bike, but found his shop in Ichikawa when searching online. Seiya is an awesome person and very welcoming, meeting him and his friend (who’s name I sadly forget but makes the gunung line of clothing) was one my most treasured moments in Japan. Please extend my hello if you see this before you leave Japan. Also, the gunung recycled knickers are still one of my most favorite.

  2. Rich says:

    Sounds like you’re having a great time, Jason! Glad to hear it.
    Take your time heading back. Seattle is one big puddle.

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