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SOS and Baleen

Here’s something that was emailed to us by a subscriber a couple times that I’ve finally gotten a chance to check out further. Certainly an example of how community gets developed in conjunction with bikes. Every effort to change the world for the better is always appreciated, no matter how big or small it seems. This seems like an outstanding effort, nothing small about it in my mind. See for yourselves, their press-release as emailed to Cranked:

We are three fellows from Portland, OR who are riding our bicycles down to Costa Rica to raise money for the internationally recognized non-profit SOS International ( ) in an effort to raise money to build two family buildings, where 18 orphans can live, in Costa Rica and raise enough money to help outfit orphan villages in Mexico with household goods such as heaters and stoves.

The three of us, John Shue, Josh Vaage, and Andrew Berube are all avid bicyclists and activists. From volunteering at local non-profit bike shops like the Community Cycling Center to promoting the speed and convenience of our machines we are all trying to change the world a small bit.

We are in the process of contacting possible sponsors, donors, and media to get the word out about our plan. We also have started doing local promotional rides. So far we have had a two camp and ride trip to the coast as well as a day trip to McMinnville (all fixie all the way on that one).

Our website goes into more detail about the SOS Children Villages around the world and why we think their mission is important. Whether your support is monetary or just good will it is very much appreciated and please sign up on our e-mail list as we plan on keeping everyone updated. Any feedback is also more than welcome as we are learning as we go. Lastly, please forward this email to anyone this might interest. Thank you for your support!

Thanks Much,
Baleen and friends

Definitely full of good will themselves, check out their sites below, and please, feel free to support them yourselves however you can.

More about this charitable venture:


SOS Children’s Villages


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