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What to expect…

Issue Five. This being the first anniversary issue of Cranked Magazine, we’re intending it to be big and exciting. We hope you all think so too, thanks to the many that have already pre-ordered theirs by the way, get yours ordered up here. As I’ve mentioned previously, all orders of issue #5 will be entered into a raffle to win a set of wheels hand-built by one of our best shops in Seattle. Wheels, wheels, wheels, more on those below.

So, issue five–or better yet–Issue Five is going break us out of a mold that has been assumed upon us. This up-coming issue is going to feature a new theme not really touched upon in any of our previous installments. What that focus is–that theme–you’ll have to wait and see.

But I won’t leave you hanging, here’s a few highlights to expect: Issue Five is going to introduce you to a great friend of ours. You’ve seen his stuff in previous issues; well he’s been working hard, just for the moment bookmark his site, there’ll be more coming soon: Seattle Psycle; expect a lot of beauty from here. Issue Five will also probably feature some more international coverage, from where we can’t mention yet, but there may also be some coming from areas we don’t know ourselves. Pretty specific, eh?

Also wheels, I can’t forget the wheels. As mentioned, we’re giving a set of wheels away to one lucky person. Why a set of wheels? Because Issue Five is going to also feature our most elaborate “how-to” yet: wheel building. We’ll be demonstrating a unique lacing technique by a shop-owner here in Seattle. I’ve used this technique myself (taught by him) and personally think they’re not only solid and bomb-proof, but also beautifully styled. One of you can ride them yourself. Even more convenient, these wheels will also arrive already ready with tape, tubes, and tires. So, the raffle: pre-order your copy of Issue Five now, and you’ll be entered. (Only addresses within the United States will be eligible for the raffle please).

The raffle winner will be announced at a drawing held during the anniversary Press-release alleycat (old flyer here) and party we are planning in mid-January (more details on that event forthcoming). Keep updated and check the Clog often.

One last thing: it’s currently raining a lot here in Seattle, but a glance off the balcony shows a clear sky and a bright moon. Gonna be cold tonight.


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  1. Jason says:

    It`s not raining in Ichikawa! We had an amazing night. Dustin and I rode home from Seiya`s shop and we didn`t get lost. We went out to dinner with our 20 closest japanese friends and now we`re about to sleep. Anyone who thinks they know japanese food and hasn`t been here knows nothing about nothing. I ate snails tonight. Snails. Holy shit I love this country and our amazing friends.

    Love for Ichikawa Eagles!

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