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I am in Japan!!!

This is amazing. We arrived after’ our 10 hour flight and flew through customs. Then we got on the JR and rode into Ichikawa station. When we arrived Seiya, Mami, Hachi, and Shin met us. We took our stuff to the car and put our bike’s together in a parking lot.

We proceed’ed to Standing Bar which is exact’ly what it sounds like. Roland did not know we were com’ing and it was his birth’day. Drinks were consumed and snacks were eaten. Then we had ramen in a little spot and sang karaoke.

The people are amaz’ing. Seiya and his family are so generous. I can not believe I’ am in Japan right n’ow. I can not wai’t to get out into the city today.

I can ‘not find the apostroph’e on this computer’!


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One Response

  1. Michael says:

    Then how’d all those apostrophe’s get put in there? Glad you’re having a good time!

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