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Today is the day

As of today I still have a beautiful view of downtown from my house. Soon there will be a new building going up. But that’s a different story.

This morning I looked out the window and the sky was crisp. I threw together my bag and hitched the trailer and took off. The ride to work was awesome. Bob trailers have their own personality and it’s a fun change.

But then the wind started. Everyone else out there on the streets today knows what I’m talking about. The wind in Seattle today was really wild. But it was good. At least ten business men asked me about the rain. I just tell them that it’s not raining enough. They laugh nervously. Or they make bad jokes.

Have a good weekend. I’m not sure what my internet availability will be in Japan, but I’m hoping to update as much as possible. We’ll see.

Saturday. Sunday. Flyday.


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