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Next week…

I’ll be in Japan. That’s right. This will be my first time in Asia and its going to be great.

Mash will be there. The Bicycle Film Festival will be there. Roland will be there. And of course our gracious host Seiya and his family will be there, because we’re staying with them. Word! Now I just need to get rid of this cold. Riding all day isn’t helping much either. Such is life.

By the way, issue 5 is still on it’s way. Like you didn’t know that.


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One Response

  1. D says:

    Hey Jason!
    I am sending you contact info (finally) of a totally insane great guy in Osaka… Seattle transplant from Philly. S-K-A-T-E-R and snowboard nut who has lived over there for the past 2, maybe 3 years and would hook you up with local nutty-ness!
    check your email

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