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Save Our Crosswalks

Today is the day, in just a few hours actually, I’ll be heading down to Fremont to participate and check out the protest going on to save the city’s crosswalks. If you have the time, and would like to help out, probably disturb some motorists, and maybe even get on TV, get on down there. More information here and here.

This is a logical protest, under the guise of “safety” our city officials are planning on removing pertinent crosswalks on arterials that have ample foot traffic. Lowering the speed limit and keeping the marked crosswalks seems like a more safety conscious way to keep everyone happy, and well, safe.

Come check it out and hop on in the crosswalk critical mass. “Oh, I need a magazine from 7-11. Better get a tube from Wright Bros. Uh, back to 7-11 for a soda. Whoops, I’ll need a pump for that tube too. Mmmm, a hot dog would complement this soda nicely… back to 7-11. Hey what’s that glass shop over there next to Wright Bros?” Back and forth, you get the picture, bring your walking shoes.


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