{ ride a bike… everyday, everywhere }

I think I can wait another week to put the fenders on.

The weather was good in Seattle today.

Rather than eating hot dogs at the Freemont 7-11 I rode a nice loop. I started with Bike Works; you might remember them from issue three. Then it was north on Lake Washington Blvd to check out the sailboats and through the Arboretum to Montlake Bikes. Next, over the cut to visit with Fabian at Ti Cycles. I finally found Fluidride on the way back, by far one of the friendliest shops in the city.

I ran into some guys filming for a BMX video at the Wall of Death. Banks and walls are rad! But who needs chains and rings?


I finished my loop by checking out the Colonnade, that place is coming along nicely.

But now a corndog sounds good.


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