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The Current Issue

If you still haven’t gotten a copy of issue #4, and you happen to live in Portland, and would like to get a copy from some place other than City Bikes at 734 Ankeny, Powell’s, Reading Frenzy, Veloshop, then you’re in luck because you can now also pick up issue #4 at City Bikes at 1914 Ankeny, Coventry Cycle Works, and Hollywood Cycling. For a complete list of shops carrying Cranked, check out our page here. Portland this weekend, like I just mentioned was a really good time. Thanks to you all that took us to Alpenrose, and thanks to all the shops that talked to us about Cranked.

Speaking of Alpenrose and the fourth issue, it was sort of ironic that we finally made it to that track after the fourth issue, the issue we featured most about fixed gears and velodromes. And because of this I’ll share this picture from the Madison demonstration we were all given by Zach and Tom (I believe his name was). This picture probably would’ve fit well:


I had no idea what, or how cool, one of these maneuvers was. Thanks again guys.

Here’s an image to give you an idea how steep this Alpenrose is:



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  1. Aaron Goss says:

    Man that track sure is in nice shape from the days when I raced there. The transitions are smooth now. I used to catch air off of them. Memories!

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