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I do always enjoy visiting Portland and this time has been no different. Jason, Justin, and I drove down this time with Jason’s Flexcar which, while being annoyingly cooped up, the conversation was good. Being stuck in a car is never my favorite way to spend any amount of time, but saving sixty bucks is a good compromise.

Anyway, arriving in town, we immediately ditched the car and hopped on our bikes, delivering our new issue #4 to some of the shops here (Powell’s, Veloshop, Reading Frenzy, and Fat Tire Farm; go get ’em Portland). On our way to Bike Central we ran into a group heading out to Alpenrose, with which we were immediately invited to join. Confronted with this gracious hospitality and friendliness, we accepted. Not being track racers by nature the three of us were again merely appreciative of the friendliness and good time we were being shown, much contrasted against the negative attitude that’s been dealt when trying to experience Marymoor for a measly two circuits. Spending an entire afternoon at Alpenrose was a total kick in the ass; pounding heart-rates, vertigo inducing turns, and next-to-wall like banks, this track is short, sweet, and steep compared to ours out in Redmond. A big thanks go out to all of you that showed us the track, it was a totally awesome time.

Exhausted from the drive down and riding around all day, the time spent hanging out and speeding around Alpenrose was, like I said, a total kick in the ass. After returning to our crashpad and consuming four whiskeys, a beer or two, and half a pizza, the three of us retired to sit and relax, listening to Jason’s brother jam out on his upright double bass. What an outstandingly talented individual.

I’ve been shown the steepest track I’ll probably ever see, and have been cultured with fantastic music and music history; Portland has been great today and I trust it’ll be the same tomorrow. Now, I’m going to sleep, maybe we’ll get out for some polo tomorrow afternoon after we hit some other shops (City Bikes, Bike Central, Revolver, and The Bike Gallery).


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