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A Request for Legal Advice and/or Contacts

I have been given news that one of our subscribers in the Washington DC area has been struck by a car and injured. At the same incident he was also dealt an expensive traffic infraction ticket. I’m not fresh on all of the details at the moment, but he was evidently in the right and was run down by an inattentive driver; according to my source he was given a ticket because of the lane he was in, I believe the left turning lane, as he was approaching a turn he needed to make.

Does anyone out there have any information regarding possible legal defense in order for him to a) not have to pay the expensive ticket, and probably b) have his injury expenses covered by the driver’s insurance, and c) prove in a court of law his right to his share of the road. I’m not sure if it needs to be specific to the District or not, any advice, information, and contacts would be greatly appreciated. Feel free to post information in the comments section of our blog or email us at Cranked. I’ll post more information when I get proper details.

Thanks in advance


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  1. webberswobble says:

    Thanks for posting this. The individual hit by the car is a friend of mine. He was riding on the left hand side of the cars in a his lane, in between the cars and the double yellow lines.
    Perfectly legal.
    A woman was parked to the right of the cars in his same lane. She pulled out of her parking spot, making a U-Turn across both lanes of traffic, and the double yellow lines.
    Perfectly illegal.
    She t-boned my friend, causing him to bounce off her hood, not quarter-panels. A police officer shows up, gives him a $500 ticket for hitting her car. It’s laughable. Anywho, the officer then coaches her to pursue further litigation against my friend for damage to the car and emotional distress, etc.
    My friend limps away with a busted bike, torqued knee and has salt thrown in the wound with a ticket to boot.
    And he’s not even at fault.

    Any help would be MUCH appreciated. He’s a good guy and doesn’t deserve this crap.

  2. David Smith says:

    Professional expert witnesses for bicycling:
    John Forester Author of Effective Cycling
    John Allen author of Street Smarts (posted on web)
    John Schubert,

    These bicycling professionals are committed to the rights of cyclits to act and be treated as drivers of vehicles.


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