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Man my neck hurts bad

So Saturday night we’re riding home. Wasted. Sounds like a normal-ish Saturday to me. Except I was riding bmx back from a great get-together. Niki, Sean, and I. Riding home.

And then

WHAM. I’m on the ground all twisted. I jump up and immediately blame Sean. Why? I have no idea. It was totally my fault.

I made it home eventually and fell asleep. What a horrible night of sleep that was. My left shoulder is tore up, my right thumb is raw, and my neck and chest hurt pretty badly. From what I can tell, nothing is too hurt. I can move more today than yesterday or Sunday. Oh man Sunday was bad. I watched so much crap tv and slept all day trying to not move.

But then I started thinking, and friends started reminding me that everyone goes down once in a while. It’s been at least 5 months since I wrecked. So it was my turn.

Thankfully I’ve got a job that involves physical exertion all day.

Yeah I’m hurt. But that’s life.

Oh and I saw Congressman Jim McDermott today. Cool!


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