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My faith in Craigslist has been restored!

After months of only seeing over priced fixed gear conversion on Craigslist I was getting a bit down. So down that I even stopped looking for bikes on there.

But last night, killing the last few minutes of work I took a look, and sure enough there was an old German 3 speed step through for Zero dollars, free, just come pick it up.


I’m thinking Nexus 8speed conversion, front and rear racks, polish up the frenders and this ride will be back to life. stay tuned for the progress.


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A Surprise!

So, just to pop in here, we’re planning an exciting anniversary issue. There’ll be more details coming all the time, but to give a start to the excitement, issue #5, due out in January is going to have some cool things attached to it: we’re planning an anniversary alleycat race (hopefully as soggy as our debut race was), there’s also going to be a bit of a prize to raffle off. If you order copies online of the up-coming issue, you’ll automatically be entered (sorry, US residents only).

So, like Jason says, we’re excited over here! Keep in touch, and keep coming here for more details as they come in.

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This just in

We at Cranked get info about new stuff happening all the time. It’s our pleasure to share it with you.

A few minutes ago I stopped into the studio and found an email from Dustin over at Cadence in our inbox. Below is the release we received.


For Immediate Release:

Cadence has just completed its Fall/Winter Project: Cicada

Cicada has encompassed the entire Cadence collection. Altering all pieces out of necessity, adapting to the changing of seasons.
Cicada will increase in number as the winter grows longer.

Adaptable-Dark-Isolated…this the Cicada Project.



Man I can’t wait to see it all in person. Check out his site now! Do it. Do it.

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I’ve got to say

That this new issue is going to be awesome. For you long time fans and you as-yet-to-be-converted types this is going to one killer issue. We’ve been working our asses off and it shows.

We’ve got some awesome articles developing, the advertising is ramping up, and our one year anniversary issue is going to be better than ever.

Stay tuned for more info. Also, I’m going to Japan in less than two weeks, where MASH will be premiering. Say what? That’s right. At the Bicycle Film Festival in Tokyo!

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The Mall

Many of you have seen the trailer for the MASH video. It’s rad for sure, but the music in the background is just as rad. I got an email from Jeremiah, he found the info on the band. Now my life is complete. Check out The Mall here and here. They’re playing a show in SF November 18th, we just might be in town, word.

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So about those fenders….

I think I’ll put them on today.

This morning I woke to the sound of rain pouring down on the boat in buckets. I hit snooze thinking I could sleep out the heavy rain, no such luck. I swear the rain picked up just as my feet hit the dock. In my rush to beat the rain, (what was I thinking?) I forgot to grab my snap on fender for the rear. I was reminded about 100 yards into my ride as my ass felt the 1st bit of water seeping thru my Dickies.


Someone once said to me “don’t like the weather, wait a minute” we’ll see about that.

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Hello world!

Yeah yeah! Here’s the Clog, it’ll get all updated and ready to rock right quick!

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The Messquerade is coming!

In 6 days.

So get your shit together man! You’ve got to get your costume ready and your bike in working order. I assume your bike is in order already though. At least one of them. Everybody has at least five bikes right?

Check the flyer for info.

Also, our site is going down for a little bit. Mike is working on switching the domain. So don’t get worried if we don’t show up when you browse.

Have a great Sunday!

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I think I can wait another week to put the fenders on.

The weather was good in Seattle today.

Rather than eating hot dogs at the Freemont 7-11 I rode a nice loop. I started with Bike Works; you might remember them from issue three. Then it was north on Lake Washington Blvd to check out the sailboats and through the Arboretum to Montlake Bikes. Next, over the cut to visit with Fabian at Ti Cycles. I finally found Fluidride on the way back, by far one of the friendliest shops in the city.

I ran into some guys filming for a BMX video at the Wall of Death. Banks and walls are rad! But who needs chains and rings?


I finished my loop by checking out the Colonnade, that place is coming along nicely.

But now a corndog sounds good.

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Save Our Crosswalks

Today is the day, in just a few hours actually, I’ll be heading down to Fremont to participate and check out the protest going on to save the city’s crosswalks. If you have the time, and would like to help out, probably disturb some motorists, and maybe even get on TV, get on down there. More information here and here.

This is a logical protest, under the guise of “safety” our city officials are planning on removing pertinent crosswalks on arterials that have ample foot traffic. Lowering the speed limit and keeping the marked crosswalks seems like a more safety conscious way to keep everyone happy, and well, safe.

Come check it out and hop on in the crosswalk critical mass. “Oh, I need a magazine from 7-11. Better get a tube from Wright Bros. Uh, back to 7-11 for a soda. Whoops, I’ll need a pump for that tube too. Mmmm, a hot dog would complement this soda nicely… back to 7-11. Hey what’s that glass shop over there next to Wright Bros?” Back and forth, you get the picture, bring your walking shoes.

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