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Interbike is insane

So we’re here. This is insane. There are a ton of people here to the tune of 30,000. But there isn’t any bike parking and very few bikes parked out front. But this is not getting us down.

There is beer everywhere. Thanks Surly! Thanks Crumpler!

Eddy Merckx is here. We saw him. So is George Hincapie. Apparently our friend Jimmy Levan is here, but we haven’t seen him yet.

Until now we’ve been lying awake at night trying to figure out how to keep this magazine going. It really costs a ton to print, but the benefits are amazing. We’ve met so many amazing people since we arrived on Monday night. The best part is meeting people we’ve talked to on the phone and emailed. And we’re getting closer to finding our solidified future.

Tonight there are a number of parties that we have invites to. People are stoked on the mag. We’re stoked to be here. We are going to party for everyone who couldn’t be here.

Here’s a quick idea of the different styles of people at Interbike.

Over on one end of the giant room you have the carbon, gel shot, racing, training, carbon, weightless, protein supplement booths. These people look at us and our magazine like we’re worthless. But they don’t really have the love we do.

Then we walk over to Surly and they greet us with beers. They give us free socks! Then Mike D from messnyc and Roland from R.E.Load show up to talk about the race tonight. That’s right. There is a race tonight. This is going to be great.

You can probably guess that we’re hanging out with the latter group. Is it because they’re cooler? Could be. But it’s most likely because they live like we live. This is why we’re here.

So, have no fear. We’re on top of our game. And Cranked is going to leave Vegas stronger, faster, and better than ever.

So get ready. Oh and by the way, we’ve recieved a ton of new orders in the last two days. We’ll get those shipped out on Friday when we get back. Thanks! We love all of you!


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