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What a gorgeous day

Mike and I rode out to Aaron’s Bike Repair today to drop off our bikes. Aaron is going to be driving down to Interbike and offered to give our two-wheelers a lift down there. They’ll be there when we arrive!

So we’re going to Vegas! If you want to meet up with us while we’re there, give us a call! 206.227.2825 should do the trick!

Oh and those of you who have subscriptions should be seeing your new copies soon! Like maybe Monday? I guess it all depends on how fast our friends at the postal service move.

I hope you all love the new mag. I know I do. It feels so real. And it makes a great gift. So buy extras. Lots of extras. Haha.


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One Response

  1. gundog99 says:

    I got mine yesterday. All I can say is great job!

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