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Yes, magazines!

Well, we’ve gotten the magazines in our hands and I’ve gotten them into one shop so far (and just as I suspected, it’s Wright Bros in Fremont) so get on down there and do us proud.

Upon receiving your copy via subscription, you might notice a little something extra in there, stick it on your bike, stick it on your wall or on your forehead, just don’t stick it on your car. Nah, stick it anywhere you like, a gift from our friend Dennis at the FGG. And if you’ve already gotten one, well… figure it out! And if you want one, or another one, I’ve got more and they’ll be shipping with online purchases of #4 from now on until I’m all out. Oh, the mystery! Hint: it ties into some of the content in this issue, some fixie content; woo-hoo.

Moving on… Consolidated did an outstanding job on the quality of the printing; you’ll notice it’s got a little different feel to it. That feeling is what’s called efficiency. It feels like a real magazine, because it is. The previous issues were great in that they were each lovingly hand-assembled, this method is not efficient. Unfortunately, the cost of this new, so-called, “efficiency” is expensive, ergo the slightly higher cover price. We hope you understand, we think it’s worth it.

Oh, and one side note/correction (before you even get your copy). I know it’s not hot outside any longer. It’s raining here in Seattle now, I am aware.


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  1. webberswobble says:

    Dude, Issue #4 was FANTASTIC!!!!

    Read it front to back on my flight to Oklahoma City. Quality work guys, quality.

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