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What happened to the good ol’ days?

The days when a fellow could hop on Craigslist and find a quality bike at a Fair price. Every now and then a deal pops up, if you’re lucky you score. If not you keep looking and you’ll find what you’re in search of.

Lately all I’m finding is a bunch of over priced shit. Take this for example, a 1980’s Bridgestone conversion�Ķ for $600. Really? Ok, so I’ll admit those are nice wheel but $600 wheels? If Ethan here was selling a Bridgestone track bike, I’d say; hey, this could be a good deal, maybe I know someone who’d be interested. But no, this is not a good deal and I call shenanigans. Just because you throw a fixed wheel on a bike you found in the bushes doesn’t make it a track bike. And that wheel certainly doesn’t make this some rare gem.

Good luck of robbing some poor sucker Ethan.


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