{ ride a bike… everyday, everywhere }

3 days!

Since sending off the proofs, we haven’t heard anything back. I’m taking this as a good thing. Word!

So in case you were wondering, we do have a myspace account. We’re really racking up the friends! If you want to become our friend, and aren’t expecting us to really maintain it, announce anything on it, or really do much more than add friends, then we welcome you.

We know that for the people who love myspace, having more friends than other people means a ton. We’re just doing our part to help each and every one of you out there.

The past two days have been cloudy and rainy here in Seattle. I’m used to seeing at least 6 other people at the Nickerson/Westlake/Dexter intersection. But the last two days it’s been one or two. The bike racks downtown are all scarce.

So I say this:

Summertime commuters! Get some fenders and get wet for 30 minutes twice a day! There’s no better way to remember you’re still alive! Do it! Do it for the whole winter and you’ll be tougher than any of those people running on treadmills at 2nd and Columbia.


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