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Sign of the Times?

I guess it can be construed as a good thing, there being more bikes on the brain. But when the bike becomes central to heavy-handed measures recorded in the news I have to think that times lately are getting annoying. C’mon people, lets keep otherwise bad news separate from our favorite transportation. The bike has always been held as a devise for peace and goodwill, not about corruption, death, and destruction; those are facets of the other side, those that are more concerned with greed, intolerance, and apathy.

The instituting and enforcing of laws against bike riders for victimless “offenses” has always seemed rather drastic and of course unnecessary, who but ourselves are we offending or putting at risk? Bells, brakes, and helmets, oh my!

I understand that things have to be done to keep a business surviving, but this headline just struck me reminiscent of those stories of big heartless corporations cutting jobs to fatten their own pockets. (Go Burley, I understand, I really do. Do what you gotta do to not go under.)

And easily the worst in every way, I don’t want to see our bikes being used and manipulated in methods of terrorism either. How about instead of using a bike to mount bombs on to kill people, you just ride the freaking thing and, hey, NOT kill people!

Oh and jumping on ridiculous trends and bandwagons is pretty silly too!

Bah, just rambling here.


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One Response

  1. justin says:

    haha, dude’s got a kickstand, and talking on his cell.

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