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Les Raisens de la Colère

This year’s Grape Ape, thrillingly put on by Billy, the Grapes of Wrath, was again an outstanding affair. Great checkpoints, great turnout of people, great after party, and of course, great prizes (while I secretly wanted that Monocog frame set, I’m glad I didn’t get it, simply no room in the apartment) the 105 dual pivot caliper brake set I did choose for my placing will nicely improve my new road bike. A big thanks from Cranked Magazine goes out to Billy for once again throwing an awesome race around town, I’ll again look forward to it next year. Thanks also to the Funhouse and anyone else that helped make this Sunday afternoon more out of the ordinary than any of the other Sundays of the year.

Other news: patience to all, ourselves included, we’re getting a final proof tomorrow and this thing is getting done. This thing, the long-expected, issue #4 will be available this week, Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday or. . . . No, we’re ready this week and we hope you’re ready for a good read and lots of sweet photography. Yes, coming soon to a bag or back pocket near you! Get Cranked, and keep riding. The week after, Vegas. Interbike. Tell your local bike shop owners out there to get their asses to Sin City and search out the dudes with Cranked Magazine on their backs.


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