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Last night I played polo for the first time in months. Damn it’s fun, damn I’m out of practice. I’ll get out there more, I swear to myself. Anyway, keeping this brief, Jason and I talked with Matt Messenger and we’re going to help him out this year by throwing his annual Messquerade. This year is the 6th annual, and we’re hoping it to be the biggest yet, last year was ridiculously big and was such an outstanding time. Anyway, we’re still ironing out all the details, plenty of time though, but the date will most likely be on the 28th of October, so mark your calendars.

Speaking of calendars, ours is getting light, end of the summer? Most likely. I’m sure there’ll be some fall and winter events coming up somewhere, send them in, we’ll up your numbers.

Seriously, what are some of your thoughts about masquerade bike rides? Got any ideas about themes? Talk amongst ourselves, please.



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  1. Joshua says:

    Themes? Like for costumes? or for the whole event? I guess, that would entail the same thing. A bike theme could be obvious.

    I didn’t make it to the any of the other messquerades, but I heard last years was a great time. What about colors? Are there going to be teams again? I’ll wait for more information.

  2. nik_cee says:

    hi there… i’m putting on a lil race up here in vancouver, bc. the latest flyer can be found here:

    it’d be great if you could spread the word for any washington peeps who might want to try their hand at beating some of their northern neighbours and perhaps going home with a frameset, bag or some other loot.

  3. crankedmag says:

    But are you gonna come down for the Messquerade? Because we really think you should…

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