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Food Drive Alleycat Recap

We just got an email back from Gunnar, out in Rochester, Minnesota, telling us about the Food Drive Alleycat he put together this past Labor Day. Thought we’d share; sounds like a totally awesome success, and really a brilliant idea for a race that would probably generate a lot of support for the community at large:

We collected almost $300.00 worth of food. And we were a feature on the news.

I’m looking to continue it next year. Maybe get a band and a catering/resturant sponsor to donate an after race meal.

1st place winner, Chris Skogen got a DiNotte light set, One Less Car shirt, Chicago WIG Ding Pad and a Cranked Mag subscription.

2nd place, Justin Gunderlach won a Chrome Ranchero messenger backpack, iHeartBikes cap and Timbuk2 t-shirt.

3rd place, Paul Claus took home a pair of Serfas shades curtasy of Rochester Cycling & Fitness, a pair of Masi Bikes espresso cups (or shot glasses) and a One Less Car shirt.

4th place, Connor Ryan got a Soulcraft Bikes shirt, socks & cap set.

5th place, John Krolak won a One Less Car shirt and a iHeartBikes cap.

Slowest Rider to complete (after having to go back out to make a forgotten purchase of BBQ sauce), Steve Lambart got a Chicago WIG Ding Pad, a Cranked Mag subscription, a pair of Island Triathlon & Bike socks and a Timbuk2 seatbag.

Fastest Out-of-towner was Connor Ryan again, adding to his list of prizes was a Timbuk2 seatbag, Masi Bikes shirt, a pair of iHeartBikes socks and a Cranked Mag subscription.

No female racers showed up to race, so we ended up adding the Fastest Female prize pak to the raffle. The largest item being a Timbuk2 messenger bag (going to Daniel Satele). Also given away in the raffle was more iHeartBikes
caps, One Less Car shirts, Island Triathlon & Bike socks and Timbuk2 t-shirts.

We also gave away a bottles to all the riders and volunteers curtasy of

The first place rider came in at about 35 minutes and the last rider rolled in about 51 minutes later.

I’d like to make it somehow more even for out of towners, but I’m not sure how that will work yet. And a team or couples version too.

A HUGE thank you to all who donated prizes, money and/or time to get this event going. Please also visit the photo album at flickr.

There are plenty more that still need to be uploaded.

Next year will be even bigger!

Gunnar Soroos

Talk about a really pro looking manifest too! Great work.


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