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Mass tonight

So I don’t usually make it to mass. But tonight is a bit different. 5:30 Westlake Center.

I can’t wait for this day to be over. The stress of Interbike was at top level. Two days of constant conversation and running around. I haven’t been on my feet like that since I was a cook four years ago. So this morning I took the bus into the studio (finding out that the bus next to my house drops me right in front of my studio downtown) and it was quiet.

But when the radio started making noise, it didn’t stop until 2:15. I can’t wait for a relaxing weekend.

I think I’m going to make it to the I-5 mtb park to move some dirt. Sounds pretty relaxing to me.


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A sad day

Yesterday I got a frantic call from my mom. She was watching the news and saw that a girl in Seattle hit a van that made a left turn in front of her head-on. The girl, age 26, commuting on her bike fits the description of my girlfriend. And you know how moms can worry. She was taken to Harborview Medical Center in critical condition.

Today she died.

Our hearts go out to her friends and family.

Be safe out there everyone.

Critical mass is tomorrow. On any given day I���m not a big advocate of mass but I���m not going to get into that here. I���d just like to throw out the idea of a visit to West Seattle.

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Interbike is insane

So we’re here. This is insane. There are a ton of people here to the tune of 30,000. But there isn’t any bike parking and very few bikes parked out front. But this is not getting us down.

There is beer everywhere. Thanks Surly! Thanks Crumpler!

Eddy Merckx is here. We saw him. So is George Hincapie. Apparently our friend Jimmy Levan is here, but we haven’t seen him yet.

Until now we’ve been lying awake at night trying to figure out how to keep this magazine going. It really costs a ton to print, but the benefits are amazing. We’ve met so many amazing people since we arrived on Monday night. The best part is meeting people we’ve talked to on the phone and emailed. And we’re getting closer to finding our solidified future.

Tonight there are a number of parties that we have invites to. People are stoked on the mag. We’re stoked to be here. We are going to party for everyone who couldn’t be here.

Here’s a quick idea of the different styles of people at Interbike.

Over on one end of the giant room you have the carbon, gel shot, racing, training, carbon, weightless, protein supplement booths. These people look at us and our magazine like we’re worthless. But they don’t really have the love we do.

Then we walk over to Surly and they greet us with beers. They give us free socks! Then Mike D from messnyc and Roland from R.E.Load show up to talk about the race tonight. That’s right. There is a race tonight. This is going to be great.

You can probably guess that we’re hanging out with the latter group. Is it because they’re cooler? Could be. But it’s most likely because they live like we live. This is why we’re here.

So, have no fear. We’re on top of our game. And Cranked is going to leave Vegas stronger, faster, and better than ever.

So get ready. Oh and by the way, we’ve recieved a ton of new orders in the last two days. We’ll get those shipped out on Friday when we get back. Thanks! We love all of you!

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What a gorgeous day

Mike and I rode out to Aaron’s Bike Repair today to drop off our bikes. Aaron is going to be driving down to Interbike and offered to give our two-wheelers a lift down there. They’ll be there when we arrive!

So we’re going to Vegas! If you want to meet up with us while we’re there, give us a call! 206.227.2825 should do the trick!

Oh and those of you who have subscriptions should be seeing your new copies soon! Like maybe Monday? I guess it all depends on how fast our friends at the postal service move.

I hope you all love the new mag. I know I do. It feels so real. And it makes a great gift. So buy extras. Lots of extras. Haha.

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Yes, magazines!

Well, we’ve gotten the magazines in our hands and I’ve gotten them into one shop so far (and just as I suspected, it’s Wright Bros in Fremont) so get on down there and do us proud.

Upon receiving your copy via subscription, you might notice a little something extra in there, stick it on your bike, stick it on your wall or on your forehead, just don’t stick it on your car. Nah, stick it anywhere you like, a gift from our friend Dennis at the FGG. And if you’ve already gotten one, well… figure it out! And if you want one, or another one, I’ve got more and they’ll be shipping with online purchases of #4 from now on until I’m all out. Oh, the mystery! Hint: it ties into some of the content in this issue, some fixie content; woo-hoo.

Moving on… Consolidated did an outstanding job on the quality of the printing; you’ll notice it’s got a little different feel to it. That feeling is what’s called efficiency. It feels like a real magazine, because it is. The previous issues were great in that they were each lovingly hand-assembled, this method is not efficient. Unfortunately, the cost of this new, so-called, “efficiency” is expensive, ergo the slightly higher cover price. We hope you understand, we think it’s worth it.

Oh, and one side note/correction (before you even get your copy). I know it’s not hot outside any longer. It’s raining here in Seattle now, I am aware.

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What happened to the good ol’ days?

The days when a fellow could hop on Craigslist and find a quality bike at a Fair price. Every now and then a deal pops up, if you’re lucky you score. If not you keep looking and you’ll find what you’re in search of.

Lately all I’m finding is a bunch of over priced shit. Take this for example, a 1980’s Bridgestone conversion�Ķ for $600. Really? Ok, so I’ll admit those are nice wheel but $600 wheels? If Ethan here was selling a Bridgestone track bike, I’d say; hey, this could be a good deal, maybe I know someone who’d be interested. But no, this is not a good deal and I call shenanigans. Just because you throw a fixed wheel on a bike you found in the bushes doesn’t make it a track bike. And that wheel certainly doesn’t make this some rare gem.

Good luck of robbing some poor sucker Ethan.

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It’s all in the hips.

I can’t dance but I can rock a track bike like a champ. My lady likes to dance, I on the other hand don’t. It’s not that I don’t want to; it’s just that I can’t. Dancing takes something that I just don’t have, maybe my DNA is missing a few lines, I don’t know.

Last night we were out drinking at the Moon Temple with friends when the topic turned to dancing, and bikes. What does dancing have to do with bikes you may wonder? Nothing really, unless were talking about The Sprockettes’s or B:C:Clettes. But last night the link was all about my hips.

I got moves, when I’m on my bike. I can swing the rear wheel all over. My personal favorites are big smooth skids around corners. You know the ones where you swing the ass end of the bike out 90 degrees. Or wiggling thru the sea of side mirrors on the cars stuck in traffic down at the Fremont Bridge. It’s all in the hips. Shift, shimmy, contort.

But on the dance floor my hips are something else and that something ain’t pretty. My lady however, well her DNA includes both the bike gene and the dance gene, maybe they grow ’em different down in the A.

So the girls are going dancing and the boys are coming along too. I’ll be working on my Bankhead Bounce, drink my Rainiers and watch in awe as those girls do their thing. It’s all in the hips.

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3 days!

Since sending off the proofs, we haven’t heard anything back. I’m taking this as a good thing. Word!

So in case you were wondering, we do have a myspace account. We’re really racking up the friends! If you want to become our friend, and aren’t expecting us to really maintain it, announce anything on it, or really do much more than add friends, then we welcome you.

We know that for the people who love myspace, having more friends than other people means a ton. We’re just doing our part to help each and every one of you out there.

The past two days have been cloudy and rainy here in Seattle. I’m used to seeing at least 6 other people at the Nickerson/Westlake/Dexter intersection. But the last two days it’s been one or two. The bike racks downtown are all scarce.

So I say this:

Summertime commuters! Get some fenders and get wet for 30 minutes twice a day! There’s no better way to remember you’re still alive! Do it! Do it for the whole winter and you’ll be tougher than any of those people running on treadmills at 2nd and Columbia.

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The Last Proof

So I sent the last proof back to the printer today. Man it looks awesome. The colors are so vivid. Word!

So we’re getting the whole thing Monday. I know I know. We said that 4 Mondays ago. But I think we’re really at that point.

And as an added bonus, they’ve told us we can keep some of the plates from the job. I’m really fucking excited!

Oh and Interbike is just around the corner. Rumour has it that there are a number of Seattle riders heading down. You can buy us beers!

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Potential Roadblocks to the SMP?

Thought this worthy to share considering our recent start for a Seattle MASTER Plan. Will some “logical” bureaucrat or somebody bring this same question up? Like the article says, it’s not an improvement for the sole 2%, but rather an improvement for the entire city. Once the infrastructure is built, you’ll simply jump out of your H2 and ride a bike. I sure hope so. From the CSM as posted to the Baltimore Critical Mass mailing list, to the Clog and to you: the San Francisco Bicycle Coalition.

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