The city of Seattle wants to hear from you. Join other cyclist tonight at Gould Hall on the U.W. campus for the Bicycle Master Plan meeting. Starting at 6:30 and lasting for 3 hours or so, the meeting is your chance to speak about the issues that affect you as a cyclist in our city.

3949 15th Ave. N.E.

Gould Hall, 6:30-9:30

3 thoughts on “Tonight!

  1. I know I can’t wait to sit there for three hours while they tell us about the great exciting things happening to Seattle. I know I’m being an ass, but hopefully they’ll actually listen to us this time around.

    I know I know. I can still hold out hope. For now.

    See you there! Afterwards we’re gonna hold some sick polo! 17th and Pike!

  2. So… the Master Plan, perhaps we’ll see some improvement, perhaps not. Seemed like a whole lot of fluff, over-introductions, senseless applause, and the general ignoring of major factors for cyclist’s safety in the city. Biggest factor ignored: motorist’s education about the awareness of bicycles.

    What is this consulting company that’s advising the city doing about improving the education of this city’s motorists? What is the city doing about improving this factor? I didn’t catch which one said it, but the simple fact that many “bicycle route maps finding their way into the glove boxes of people’s cars” doesn’t inspire a lot of faith in their awareness of bicycles sharing the road. It didn’t make much sense to me then either.

    The city doesn’t need a consulting firm to gather this information, the city needs to listen to its people when they write its elected officials. Whatever the city is paying this consulting firm strikes me as a waste. The city has a cycling infrastructure, it just isn’t that perfect, and isn’t that complete. Finish your paths if need be, pave some roads, and educate drivers that we’re out there and will continue to be. Don’t segregate us into bike lanes, paths, tubes, or whatever, put up signs, put some paint down on some new asphalt, and test those motorists.

    And to one specific blow-hard there tonight, time to cork it, you’re a dolt who isn’t aware how insulting his fat mouth is.

    Also, apparently the C.I.A. was there, they seem to have some knowledge and a theory that this Master Plan is going to be just a sham like one proposed during the ’70’s. CIA? Cyclists in Anger? in Angst? in Action? The flyers were interesting for sure. We’ll have to find more about it.

    Bah, I’m tired, time for rest.

  3. The Bicycle Master Plan is a farce. Oh, don’t get me wrong, it is excellent politics! But it is politics based on motoring ideology: get those bikes outta the way — segregated into “bike” lanes if we can’t get them offa “our” roads! Scoot them right into the Hazard Zone! Leave the best part of the road as a “Gun Barrel” lane for motorists! Just take a look at those Door Zone Bike Lanes and see what they say to you – as a motorist!

    Its time we grow up. The streets are for the public, not just motorsts – so stop striping them for segregation. When we learn how to drive our bicycles as equals we will have the most simpe, and powerful traffic calming tool available. I know cyclists who know how to do this. We need to learn from them and spread it around. Otherwise, we will end up where the Native Americans and African Americans were under segregation: separate and unequal.

    David Smith

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