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What kind of printing should you expect from us?

Well we have been printing with a digital copier. This was because of the location of our desks and said machine. Well we no longer have desks that sit next to large copiers. So things have been a bit stressful for the last couple of months. This issue was due out August 1st, which was really long ago I think. But so it goes with small projects like these sometimes.

In the last few months we’ve gone through a huge range of emotions dealing with the magazine and our own personal lives. Each of us has had new, exciting, and frustrating experiences that really took a toll. Finding a way to keep the production of Cranked possible with limited backing has been a daunting task to say the least. But we’re not going away.

Yesterday we had an interesting discussion with our new printer. It appears that we’re not going to be printing with a digital machine. So it seems.

So that means that we’re going to be printing old school. Offset. Real inks. Real big machines. I can’t wait to see the saturation… it’s going to be amazing.

The content for issue 4 has really been blowing me away. I don’t always get a chance to read everything as it’s coming in, so I save it all until we start to edit. I have to say I can’t wait to see these come back from the printer.

If you know about the printing game, you may be aware that printing offset takes a bit of scheduling on the part of the printer. We’ve been scheduled for printing next week. So we’ll keep you posted. But oh boy is it going to look hot.

Stay with us.



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