Sorry, but some of you gotta go.

I love riding my bikes. My everyday bike is an older track frame. Everything on that bike has been hand picked to fit me perfect and assembled by myself. Alas, there are times when a track bike is impractical.

I have numerous other bikes. I’ve raced for Ti Cycles for a couple years and last year scored a wicked team deal on a sick Cannondale. Ultra light frame, loads of carbon and Dura Ace goodies, this bike is fast!

I’ve also got a polo bike, it’s fixed. The frame was won at Messman’s Masquerade last year. The frame was too small for most things, but it makes an awesome little polo bike.

Then there is the cruiser. An old beach cruiser style balloon tire thing. I cut the head tube off and re-welded it with a crazy rake. It’s kinda sketchy now but sure looks cool rolling down the boulevard.

For getting dirty I picked up a GT mountain bike. I tossed some downhill tires on it for the Vibrator, damn dirt is fun. That bike can take a beating too!

Then there are the back ups. A couple frames and loads of wheels, because you never know when someone’s going to need a quick fix.

Having all these bikes makes it easy to do whatever it is you want to do that day, a bike for every occasion. But alas, the party’s over and some of you gotta go. This isn’t going to be easy.

In just over a month I’ll be moving onto a boat in South Lake Union. It’s a great place, but between my girlfriend, my daughter and me, we’ve just got too many bikes.

I’ve weighed all the options, considered the space we have to work with and how often each of the bikes gets used.

The track bike stays, no contest there. It’s nice to have something for long distances and racing so the Cannondale stays too. I’ll keep it in my office until someone complains. The polo bike could get locked up in the cage in the parking garage. I’ll have to find a good home for all the others. Man it’s hard to say good bye.

2 thoughts on “Sorry, but some of you gotta go.

  1. i\’ve found a home for the cruiser. a girl i work with is bikeless (WTF?) so i\’m giving it to her. The Mtn bike will be up for sale. we\’re going to have a huge yardsale, really, everything has to go before we get on the boat. we\’ll plan on selling everything september 2nd-3rd, n.w. greenlake area. lots of bike stuff.

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