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A little info

So if you visit this site regularly or rarely you might have noticed a lull. Well there’s a reason.

It used to be that Michael and I worked at the same place. We hated our jobs and like everyone else talked endlessly about quitting. One day I decided that I was tired of the same crap so I put in my notice. Michael did the same a couple days later and we rejoiced over the idea of working on the magazine full time. This little publication is a full time job to us, but it makes no money. In fact it’s so expensive to do what we’ve been doing that it’s downright depressing from time to time.

Once I was job free my life got a bit hectic. I started another job doing some design work and picked up a couple days a week working as a courier. Then my sister got married. Then we had family in town. And next week I’m getting married. Things have been really really stressful, but the light is close. I can see it.

So we’re still working on this last one. It’s going to be a couple days late, but it’ll be worth it. Almost every single page is full of content. This issue kicks ass.

Just you wait and see.



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2 Responses

  1. I’d say the lull is only just where the hayl issue #4 is?

  2. SimmaDownNow says:

    Do what ya gotta do, we’re looking forward to #4.

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