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Grape Ape

This year’s Grape Ape, the Grape’s of Wrath, has finally gotten a date set for it. We’ve listed it on our calendar, register, show up, race, and party. You won’t regret it.

Last year it was one of the first big alleycat’s I’d ever done, I don’t remember exactly where I came in, I think 2nd civilian fixie, right behind Justin, but I walked away with fifty extra bucks that night. Walked away is one way to put it; walked away the few feet to the bar. Needless to say there were so many prizes for competitors, I didn’t know what to choose, so I didn’t, the greenbacks chose me. Anyway, it was a great time, I’m looking forward to it! I wonder if there’ll be any polo afterwards?


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The city of Seattle wants to hear from you. Join other cyclist tonight at Gould Hall on the U.W. campus for the Bicycle Master Plan meeting. Starting at 6:30 and lasting for 3 hours or so, the meeting is your chance to speak about the issues that affect you as a cyclist in our city.

3949 15th Ave. N.E.

Gould Hall, 6:30-9:30

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Want to see the difference?

Well before we were printing on something similar to this.

We printed them, collated the covers, took them to the antique cutting machine, scored the covers, folded each issue and then put a couple staples through them. This took a lot of time and we were always paranoid that people were watching.

Today we took a tour courtesy of our new friends over at Consolidated Press. Justin took a number of photos of the ginormous production floor:

More pictures here, here, and here. We got to see how offset printing really works. Man it was awesome.

Our last stop was the new Komori Lithrone S40 SP. This baby runs the paper off a roll, cuts it to size, and then PRINTS ON BOTH SIDES OF THE PAPER AT THE SAME TIME. That’s right. This machine was built to kick ass.

Here it is from their website

I can’t wait to see this happen. What started as a small idea has real potential with partners like Consolidated and everyone else who subscribes, buys single issues, and advertises. You are the backbone of the magazine. And it’s just going to get better and better. Just think, someday you’ll be able to say, “I’ve got an original Issue #1.”

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What kind of printing should you expect from us?

Well we have been printing with a digital copier. This was because of the location of our desks and said machine. Well we no longer have desks that sit next to large copiers. So things have been a bit stressful for the last couple of months. This issue was due out August 1st, which was really long ago I think. But so it goes with small projects like these sometimes.

In the last few months we’ve gone through a huge range of emotions dealing with the magazine and our own personal lives. Each of us has had new, exciting, and frustrating experiences that really took a toll. Finding a way to keep the production of Cranked possible with limited backing has been a daunting task to say the least. But we’re not going away.

Yesterday we had an interesting discussion with our new printer. It appears that we’re not going to be printing with a digital machine. So it seems.

So that means that we’re going to be printing old school. Offset. Real inks. Real big machines. I can’t wait to see the saturation… it’s going to be amazing.

The content for issue 4 has really been blowing me away. I don’t always get a chance to read everything as it’s coming in, so I save it all until we start to edit. I have to say I can’t wait to see these come back from the printer.

If you know about the printing game, you may be aware that printing offset takes a bit of scheduling on the part of the printer. We’ve been scheduled for printing next week. So we’ll keep you posted. But oh boy is it going to look hot.

Stay with us.


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Sorry, but some of you gotta go.

I love riding my bikes. My everyday bike is an older track frame. Everything on that bike has been hand picked to fit me perfect and assembled by myself. Alas, there are times when a track bike is impractical.

I have numerous other bikes. I’ve raced for Ti Cycles for a couple years and last year scored a wicked team deal on a sick Cannondale. Ultra light frame, loads of carbon and Dura Ace goodies, this bike is fast!

I’ve also got a polo bike, it’s fixed. The frame was won at Messman’s Masquerade last year. The frame was too small for most things, but it makes an awesome little polo bike.

Then there is the cruiser. An old beach cruiser style balloon tire thing. I cut the head tube off and re-welded it with a crazy rake. It’s kinda sketchy now but sure looks cool rolling down the boulevard.

For getting dirty I picked up a GT mountain bike. I tossed some downhill tires on it for the Vibrator, damn dirt is fun. That bike can take a beating too!

Then there are the back ups. A couple frames and loads of wheels, because you never know when someone’s going to need a quick fix.

Having all these bikes makes it easy to do whatever it is you want to do that day, a bike for every occasion. But alas, the party’s over and some of you gotta go. This isn’t going to be easy.

In just over a month I’ll be moving onto a boat in South Lake Union. It’s a great place, but between my girlfriend, my daughter and me, we’ve just got too many bikes.

I’ve weighed all the options, considered the space we have to work with and how often each of the bikes gets used.

The track bike stays, no contest there. It’s nice to have something for long distances and racing so the Cannondale stays too. I’ll keep it in my office until someone complains. The polo bike could get locked up in the cage in the parking garage. I’ll have to find a good home for all the others. Man it’s hard to say good bye.

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Today is the day!

Which is a great band.

But today is also the day that the mag is done! It’s going to the printer right now!

That’s right! We’re late, but we’re fashionable. I really hope that everyone enjoys this new issue. It’s nice looking. Lots of nice colors and words and photos.

Have a great day!


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Proofs are going out today!

That’s right! The proofs are on their way to the printer right now! Holy Shit!

So start getting your hopes up. This one is strictly fabulous.

I’m fucking exhausted.


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What a great weekend, it’s still going on at the F.O.E. on Vashon Island, get out there quick, you might not miss polo. My bike is rough riding and wrecked. I’m pretty sore too (rather under-prepared on my fixie). Totally Off Road and totally fucking worth it!

And the Pabst was, and still is, abundant, get on out there and help finish it all off!

This was a fabulous weekend, there’ll surely be more posts and chatter about it. So stay tuned. Make sure to get out there next year; I know I plan on hitting some of those trails again in the very near future at least!

Thanks to all of the other sponsors: Pabst, Counterbalance, Mobius, Pacific Rim Brewing, Central Tavern, Free Range Cycles, Vashon Island Bicycles, Cadence, FSA, Elite, Unfold, Beverage Place Pub, Gusto Girls, Queen of the Mist, Roth Tractor Service, and the Sportsman’s Inn among many others.

Did you go to the Vibrator? What’d you think? Have a good time?


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It’s the Vibrator!!!

Holy Shit! It’s the Vibrator!

The shirts are being printed now! We’re lining up all our prizes! We’ve got an awesome dinner and breakfast hooked up. We’re also nailing down polo for Sunday. The forecast is sunny sunny sunny!




and Sunday!

If you’d like to race the time trial you have 3 options for ferry times. They are as follows…




So get on one of those ferries and you’re set. You’ll be racing from the ferry dock on the Island. You’ll figure it out when you get there. It’s the only thing concerning bikes going on over there.

And if time trial road things are you’re style, you’ve got the Vibrator. We’ve got Pabst and two kegs of Pacific Rim’s Vashon Ale so get there early and help us get started. Of course if you’d like to register beforehand, go here and do so.

If you have any other questions email us!

See you Saturday.


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A little info

So if you visit this site regularly or rarely you might have noticed a lull. Well there’s a reason.

It used to be that Michael and I worked at the same place. We hated our jobs and like everyone else talked endlessly about quitting. One day I decided that I was tired of the same crap so I put in my notice. Michael did the same a couple days later and we rejoiced over the idea of working on the magazine full time. This little publication is a full time job to us, but it makes no money. In fact it’s so expensive to do what we’ve been doing that it’s downright depressing from time to time.

Once I was job free my life got a bit hectic. I started another job doing some design work and picked up a couple days a week working as a courier. Then my sister got married. Then we had family in town. And next week I’m getting married. Things have been really really stressful, but the light is close. I can see it.

So we’re still working on this last one. It’s going to be a couple days late, but it’ll be worth it. Almost every single page is full of content. This issue kicks ass.

Just you wait and see.


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