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Kings of New England

We’re always excited to hear about events and stories from people out there. We just got this email from Dan Chabonov who won a subscription to Cranked Magazine (not to mention a new Bareknuckle) for his efforts in the Kings of New England Alleycat. Sounds like a champ for sure.

…I definetly raced my ass for that frame though. Friday night scavenger hunt allycat was by far the most mellow part of the weekend( I placed 7th thanks to two guys; TJ and Shane who also gave me floor to sleep on). Saturdays, time trial from hartford to new haven was brutal especially on a track bike. Rolling highway hills, headwind, and 90+ weather. Before that race one of the organisers was joking with me about sticking it to the rodies. Two hours latter I crossed the finish line as the first track bike and first rider overall the fixie camp cheered and the rodie camp was in disbelief. The final day of racing it got even hotter. We had two manifests and 2 and a half hours to do both. half way through manifest two our gide got his second flat and colapsed from heat exaustion. Gave us the map and told us to go. Half an hour latter after getting on I – 95 for an exit and jumping some deviders as well as running down some hills followed by taking every single wrong way street to the drop off point TJ Shane and myself handed in our compleated second manifest with 1 min to spare. We we’re the only 3 racers to finish that task. After that we had to follow clues that took us to difrent parts of new haven and eventually led us to the finish. When we finished Matt asked us to deliberate and give him the top 3 that we decided on. We deliberated over some watermelon. TJ took third because he did not race day two due to alcahol poisoning from friday night. I took second because those were all the points i needed for the overall title. And Shane took first which bumped him in too number two overal. Most everyone rode to Toms for a shower then to Rudy’s to eat drink and celebrate before the official ‘afterparty’.

Thanks for sharing Dan.

Got a story of your own, share it, tell us about it, we know you’re out there. You’ll have opportunity to have your own similar account with some of the other races going on this summer, especially the Vibrator (sign up) and of course, the annual Dead Baby Downhill, and this year’s Grape Ape, the Grapes of Wrath. Get out there!



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2 Responses

  1. Marianna S says:

    Who won as a roadie in the time trial? I really wanted to make this race weekend while I was in the area.

  2. Dan says:

    Two roadies came in right behind me i cant remember the order of who was 2nd or 3rd. One of them was Matt Lolli and the other dude rode for Vicious Cycles his name might have been Matt but I am totally blanking right now.

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