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First things first. Vibrator. Register here.

Yes, we’re still typing away, searching for just the right image for this page and that. Issue #4 is still being put together, it’ll get there. Indeed times are hectic. It’s nice being unemployed for the moment, getting some real work done! (Anyone hiring?)

It was great getting out of the city and travelling a bit. Seeing Oklahoma and the Midwest was a lot more interesting than I was expecting, it was a whole lot flippin’ hotter than I was expecting too. I didn’t bring my bike, so I didn’t risk the heat stroke I’d probably get. Everyone I met out there couldn’t have been nicer, super relaxed and casual—very friendly. It’ll be nice having family out there.

The summer has been great! Have definitely seen a drop in the events getting sent to us to update our calendar with, if you’re planning a race, ride, event of any kind, don’t forget send us your flyer and information! Also, don’t forget the Vibrator is coming up, we’re handling a bunch of the logistics and planning, so make sure to check here often for updates on it, and I insist, sign up ahead of time so we can start getting a head-count. Register here— Vibrator Registration. More sponsors are coming in, but more are needed, so don’t be shy—it’s gonna be a great time and totally worth it.



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