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Issue #1

So, just a quick note…

You’ll notice the Clog looks a bit different, and if you look closer, you’ll notice it works a bit smoother—I’m learning, so there may be some future tweaking as well.

The Clog, as you may or may not know, is basically the Cranked Blog. We’ll be updating it frequently as news comes in, as curiosities cross our paths, and essentially just whenever we feel like it. We welcome any comments that you may have, so comment away!

What else is new at this moment, well, we’ve got copies of issue #1 available now, so please visit our store and order yourself up some copies of back issues. There have been quite a number of requests for it, so jump on it, still limited quantities, but they should last a while. There are also still some back issue copies of #2, and we’re still selling #3 as the current issue. Issue #4 will be due out in the beginning of August.

I’m travelling to the Midwest for the first time in my life tomorrow. My girlfriend and I are delivering her car there, and I’m meeting her family. Should be a great time. I unfortunately won’t have a bike with me for the ten days we’ll be out of town, so if there’s anyone out there in the northeast area of ol’ Oklahoma that has a couple extra bikes, let’s all hook up and go for a ride.

Well, for the time being, peace out!



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  1. CSer says:

    thanks for the events postings *explitive*

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