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Interesting Weekend…

First off, Daniel! Where are you?! {this “likeness” seen on Capitol Hill, Seattle}


I’ve gotten started on building my new bike, Coppi, pretty nice, just sunk my headset—hey, it’s a start. But the best part was seeing Zack at Wright Bros. he seemed in good positive spirits. There to collect the testimony that witnesses had turned in for his defense for his case against those violent rights violators with the King County Sheriff’s Department. Read some of the on going discussion and witness accounts here, here, here, and here.

Other news…

We’ve finally gotten our reprints of issue #1 made, bound and ready to ship. If you’d like a copy, check out the new “active” button for issue #1 on our store page. We know many of you have requested a look at our first issue—so the soup’s on, come and get it! Issue #1 is obviously our debut issue, and you’ll have a chance to see how much (or little) we’ve changed, we hope you enjoy it.

And random…

A very suspy individual pulled up in this (and actually parallel parked) and rushed away on foot, while Brooke and I were eating burritos at Bimbo’s. Seeming hit-and-run by the number of interested police in the area, by my guess…

…just another reason that cars are just plain dangerous…



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