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Evidently the Critical Mass I miss, there’s a serious showdown with cops and Massers. Not at all happy to have missed this action, but more not at all happy that it happened at all.

Some of the witness accounts so far indictate the police were in the wrong. The officers did not identify themselves immediately and really looked as though they were generally up to no good.

  • I witnessed this entire incident from about 5 feet, and we’re both ready to help out however we can. Long story short… the officers were extremely aggressive from the outset. Jumped out of the van and instigated a confrontation, and did not identify themselves as law enforcement until well after the conflict rose to a boiling point.


  • I witnessed the assault on the two bicyclists – I was about ten feet away. The three men who later identified themselves as police initially appeared to be gangstas looking for a brawl. They had on the usual baggy clothing, flashy jewelry, and tattooos, no uniforms. One of them knocked down a bicyclist with no real warning, and further assaulted the fallen cyclist who was now lying on the street tangled up with his bicycle. Several people pulled the perpetrator off, at which time two more people who later identified themselves as police jumped in. But they in no way identified themselves until more people had almost pulled the three attackers off the person who was fallen and immobilized. At that point they then knocked down another bike rider. They then properly identified themselves as police.

and just wow…

  • when three beefy coked out dudes jumped out of a brown van and started yelling

Sounds like bad news all around. But if there are any suggestions as to what to do for these Massers, let us know, or better yet, follow and post to this thread here, these point83er’s are covering all the bases, but anything extra would be helpful I’m sure. I’m about to head down to the hearing—we gotta show our support for Zack and Jace—you should too:

King County Court House Plaza Entrance
5th and James St.
11:30 AM
(dignified attire)



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2 Responses

  1. cas webber says:

    unbelievable shit! Man, do the cops have it out for the massers? keeep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous says:

    There seems to be some heavy discussion on this on the Stranger’s Slog too!




    and a lot more discussion and updates here on POINT83

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